Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And we're off!

Well, our first week of school was a little shaky (I almost wrote a post titled "The burning embers of our day" but decided against it) but things have gotten MUCH better since. Thank God. (And my sweet husband who prayed for us.) It's just hard for some people to switch gears, even if it's done gently. Not naming any names here of course.

But THIS week - well, this week is a different story! That anti-change boy seems to be settled in and even said one day, "Mom, if we don't get through all the countries this year, can we do this again in fourth grade?" Ah. A gift from God.

So, what did we do?

Well, we started out with the United Kingdom (our plans are here). There were a couple of little changes - we read Wee Gillis instead of They Were Strong and Good (which we will probably save for America).

By far the boys' favorite thing in the United Kingdom was the Loch Ness monster. But our little paper model of Big Ben and the British guards came out so cute too!

They should have no problem guarding that.

Oh, and we learned how to say "hello" in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hebrew, Russian and Japanese. How fun is that?! The boys couldn't wait to practice on the german lady that works at the library - she loved it and taught them "thank you" and "good bye."

Next stop - Ireland!

Auf Wiedersehen for now!

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