Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Great Hymns

It occurred to me one day last year that my boys didn't know any of the hymns I remember singing as a child - and they weren't likely to either, since our church is more of a modern chorus-singing type church. Some of the words to those old hymns are amazing. They're inspired and inspiring. I want my kids to know them. So, we started learning hymns this year and it was such a success that I think we'll continue indefinitely.

Since I had two friends ask for my YouTube links for our hymns today, I thought I'd post them all here, in the hope that they will be helpful to as many people as possible. Just click on the links - I checked them all today and everyone is still singing!

How Great Thou Art

All Things Bright and Beautiful

This is My Father's World

For the Beauty of the Earth

All Creatures of Our God and King

Amazing Grace

Nothing But the Blood

Just As I Am

Well, there you go! Enjoy!

*sung by Mac Powell and Jennifer Knapp and recorded LONG before recent announcements.

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  1. We just recently joined a church that sings from a hymnal instead of singing the contemporary songs. I must say that I have enjoyed the hymns very much, and I still get my contemporary fix from the radio or my ipod. Thanks for sharing these links...I'll definitely check them out.