Wednesday, January 12, 2011

U.S. History

Our paper Jamestown

We are loving American History this year. We're using the first TruthQuest guide and it has been a perfect fit for us. There are no weekly plans, we just read the commentary in the guide and then open up a good book on the subject. The guide provides an extensive book list and I've been able to get almost everything I wanted through inter-library loan. I love that the guides focus on seeing God's hand throughout history using thought-provoking living books and gems from the past (with less revision of history.) I can't tell you how much I've learned!

So far, our absolute favorite "living books" have been:

We haven't done a lot of "projects" for history this year - it's been mostly reading and discussion. There are a few - a Columbus game from The Light and the Glory : Children's Activity Book

The little paper model of Jamestown at the top of this post is just the cutest thing and that came from the Homeschool in the Woods site. Just scroll down on the left. They have a treasure trove there, all written and illustrated by people with a passion for history and a true artistic gift.

We'll be doing some more hands-on things when we hit the Revolution with the Evan Moor History Pockets

We're also keeping a timeline in notebook form. I think I'd rather have one on the wall but we don't have space for it at the moment. That may have to be a future project.

And one last resource that our whole family has loved - the American history dvd's from Drive-Thru History. Love those!

I'll let you know how the revolution goes!

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