Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some Revolutionary trips!

We're just finishing up our first year of TruthQuest History (AHYS 1) and I have to say that it has been a resounding success. We've gone from the early explorers through the Revolution and have met fascinating spies, heroes, traitors, generals - it's been great.

And now, since it is spring and we live in NY, we are finally getting outside!! On Friday, we joined several families in a trip to the Old Stone Fort, a church-turned-fort that saw a little action in the Revolutionary War.

Yes, that's the actual cannon ball hole - from 1780! Pretty amazing.

There were several other buildings on the grounds, one of them a one-room schoolhouse where the kids each had their own little slate to write their lessons.

Over the weekend, we visited the Oriskany battlefield, site of the bloodiest battle of the Revolution. There is a monument with names of the dead and many signs giving a play-by-play of the battle. Please excuse the iPod photo - we forgot our camera again.

One sign reads: "British and Indians here ambushed the Tryon County Militia as they were marching to the relief of Fort Stanwix (Rome.) General Nicholas Herkimer, though wounded, rallied his forces and directed the fighting until the enemy fled. Defeated at Oriskany and unable to force the surrender of Fort Stanwix, the British retreated to Canada. These reverses, with their defeat at Saratoga, thwarted Burgoyne's plan to divide the colonies by conquering New York." Herkimer later died at his home following an unskilled amputation of his leg. We are actually scheduled to go to his home for another field trip in two weeks!

I'll keep you posted!

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