Thursday, April 19, 2012

Baseball Day

We all spent a wonderful day at the Baseball Hall of Fame last week. Highlights included:
  • a video conference with the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory. Did you know major league players have their own personal specifications for their bats? One player could even tell that the grips of his new bats weren't right - although it turned out they were 5 one thousandths of an inch off.
  • Science on the Sandlot - We learned why there's a sweet spot on a bat, how energy is transferred from the bat to the ball and how the ball actually squashes when it hits a wooden bat but not an aluminum bat.
  • Baseball Art - especially the Norman Rockwells!
  • A very old film of Babe Ruth "calling the shot."
  • Old footage of Abbot and Costello performing "Who's on First?"

And these two have been playing baseball in the side yard ever since. Bring on the season!

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