Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sheet rock and revelation

Things haven't been going as well as I'd like here lately, friends. I've been a little discouraged and overwhelmed. Since I want this blog to be positive and, hopefully, helpful to fellow homeschoolers, I just haven't posted. I figure there's enough negativity in the world already, I certainly don't want to contribute to it. On the other hand, I do want people to know that not everyone's homeschool is as perfect as their blogs make them look! So if you're overwhelmed too - hey, at least you're not alone!

Having said that, I do think I've finally hit upon one of the reasons that I lost my blogging enthusiasm. It's so simple I can't believe I didn't realize it earlier. Here's the thing - when I plan lessons, I over-plan. I mean, really over-plan, like by about 100%. Knowing this, I always know that, at any given time, we will only cover about half of what I've planned. And I'm mostly OK with that. But it's all really good stuff. SO - if I blog about it AFTER we do it, I end up looking at all the really cool stuff that we DIDN'T do. Kind of depressing. If I blog about it BEFORE we do it, it's still exciting and full of possibility. So there you go. I will have to change things up a bit.

Now, there is some good news - actually great news! My very kind Mom (hi Mom!) got a little tired of looking at our partially completed back room. It's a 14 X 14 room that managed to get itself framed and mostly insulated a while ago and then progress came to a screeching halt. Over time, it became a repository for all the things we had no clue what to do with. (It also functioned as a walk-in cooler during the winter.) My Mom gave us a gift that enabled us to hire my friend Joy's husband to sheet rock and now it actually looks like a room!! The best part is, it's going to be a school room - yippee!!! This means, among other things, that we will not have to clear projects off the table in order to eat dinner and that we will no longer have a computer and printer in our dining room. There may even be a place for all the books I compulsively accumulate, but I think that's unlikely. And if Little Man is playing in the same room with us, I may be able to catch him BEFORE he paints the couch with bright green tempera paint. Sorry, no pics of that episode. But I do have these:

Ah. Progress. A good thing.

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