Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's better than Greek food?!

So. We're doing Greece this week and, as a special treat, my sweet, wonderful husband took us all out to a Greek restaurant that we LOVE. I say "we" as in, he and I. (They catered our wedding - way back in 1990.)
Now, I know that I am sometimes prone to unrealistic expectations. I mean, Z-Man sometimes talks like he's 21 but he is, after all, an 8 year old boy. So, this evening he finds himself surrounded by all manner of mouthwatering greek cuisine and he orders...

chicken tenders and fries.

I managed to do some quick expectations-adjustment and we all had a lovely time. We saw a traditional greek costume, some pottery, artwork, photos, etc. He recognized the parthenon and had one bite each of souvlaki, thracian chicken and galaktoboureko. And Mark and I enjoyed our meal immensely. So we'll call it a successful field trip.

I'd show you pictures, but I forgot my camera too...

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