Saturday, August 28, 2010


One of our most-loved Five in a Row books is the Salamander Room.

The story is adorable and the illustrations really capture the imagination. It's great for nature study because there are so many birds, insects, plants, frogs and, of course, salamanders to identify. In the past, we've made little Fimo salamanders and colored amphibian life cycle charts and all that good stuff. This year, we just went out into the woods and found salamanders!

Apparently, they love to hide under rocks in small streams and under rocks and bark in the woods, close to water. Being cold-blooded, they actually don't seem to mind being held in a warm hand. Altogether we probably found a dozen and at least five distinct kinds. A good, dirty time was had by all!

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  1. Thank you for sharing about this book. I just ordered it from the library. Can't wait to read it to my boys! I bet they will love it.