Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Kick-Off Field Trip!

Instead of starting school last week, we went on vacation. One of the major perks of homeschooling is that you can go on vacation without the crowds. Lovely. Of course, being a homeschooling family also means that we feel compelled to take advantage of any educational opportunities on our way or anywhere near our destination. And so, since we were reasonably close to Boston last week AND we're studying American History this year, we HAD to go walk the Freedom Trail. And go see some battleships. And some forts. It was a great field trip. I mean, vacation.

Seriously, though, we were so amazingly blessed. A friend asked if we wanted to stay in his apartment all week while he was in Europe. Um, YES!!! The weather was beautiful and we had a great time just all hanging out together. It really was a wonderful way to start a school year!

The men on the USS Massachusetts

Hanging out at the Old North Church in Boston

Firing at innocent passers-by from the deck of the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)

Ben and Z-Man on the Freedom Trail

Handling some discipline problems at a fort on the Maine coast.

Boat watching

Exploring tide pools

Football on the beach

And a very thankful family!!

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  1. Awesome!! Looks like a wonderful way to kick off the school year. The Freedom Trail is so cool - we went a couple of years ago and I hope to take my boys back when they are a little bit older.