Thursday, September 22, 2011

Exploring the uncharted wilderness

We're into our second week of the school year here and knee-deep in Lewis and Clark stories, thanks to TruthQuest History.

Today was a lovely day so we filled our packs with supplies, grabbed our (cap) guns and headed out to explore the wild, uncharted territory of the Louisiana Purchase.

The guns remained loaded at all times in case we had any run-ins with grizzly bears like Lewis and Clark did.

Thankfully, this guy was about the most menacing thing we saw.

We gathered specimens for President Jefferson - mostly pressed flowers, although Z-Man did get within arms reach of this turtle before it dove. I couldn't take a picture because I was preparing to pull him out of the water and mentally calculating how far he'd have to walk in wet clothes before we got to the car. Thankfully, the kid has pretty good balance and managed to stay dry. Speaking of specimens, did you know Lewis and Clark actually sent a live prairie dog to the president?

The funniest thing that happened was our trading with the Indians. We had brought some beaded bracelets to trade and, when we saw a young couple on a hike, Z-Man chased them down and asked if they'd like to trade their Yankees hat for our trinkets. I explained what we were doing and asked if they'd mind playing the part of the friendly Indians. They didn't skip a beat and happily traded the hat! No kidding! They didn't even want it back. Z-Man was delighted with his successful trade. And you can never have too many Yankees hats.

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