Saturday, September 24, 2011

What's working, what isn't

We've just finished our second week of the new school year and, overall, I'd say it was a great success. As is the case in each new year, however, there are a few adjustments that need to be made.

What's working
Giving Z-Man more control over his day. I've been giving him a daily checklist. He likes to know exactly what's coming. I may even start giving him a list for the whole week.

Seat work for Little Man, but only in small doses with me right by his side.

Short lessons, Charlotte Mason style. It already feels like a more relaxed atmosphere.

Nature Study using the Outdoor Hour Challenge. Last week, we studied milkweed, this week goldenrod. Good fun and I actually learned a lot!

What's not working
Including Little Man in our history reading. He loses interest very quickly when there are no pictures. Since the TruthQuest guide includes book recommendations for all grade levels for each topic that is covered, I'll start ordering more picture books from the library. We'll all read those together and then Little Man can have play time while Z-Man and I read the more advanced books.

Sleeping in - I haven't been getting up before the kids and that is NOT a good way to start the day. The remedy for this is obvious, but painful.

Five in a Row - we just haven't been getting to all of our FIAR studies the way I'd like to. This one just requires a little more effort on my part. The FIAR books are like old friends to Z-Man and I want to make sure that Little Man has all those good memories too.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the way the year is going so far. And now that we're back in our school routine with a little more structure in our days, I hope to blog a little more faithfully. I certainly appreciate you all sticking with me over the summer though! Thanks so much!

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