Sunday, August 11, 2013

Second Grade Plans

Little Man isn't so little anymore! He will be in second grade this year. Here are our plans so far:

TruthQuest Beginnings, which starts in Genesis and goes through the Old Testament
The God's Mighty Warrior Devotional Bible

Language Arts:
Understanding Writing - this program looks great and is very "Charlotte Mason" in nature. The author places a lot of emphasis on communication as a tool to honor God and edify others AND it can be used to teach multiple ages, each at his own level. We'll see how it goes!
Explode the Code - these move kind of slow for my taste but Little Man loves them and that's worth a lot.
Copywork and handwriting practice, Reading practice

Miquon - Little Man is very good at math and he actually enjoys it. Although Saxon has been great for my older son, who likes to know exactly what is expected, I think Miquon will provide more challenge and variety for Little Man.

Considering God's Creation
Science topics from Five in a Row

TruthQuest Beginnings and TruthQuest Ancient Greece - Little Man will not be delving into the mythology and pagan religions of the ancients. He'll be included in the read-alouds that we do as a family and we'll also do some fun projects and Evan Moor History Pockets.

Unit Studies:
Five in a Row - how we love this program! So many great books and great memories made.

Amanda Bennett Great Composers unit study
Creating a Masterpiece art DVDs
Abeka Health
French in 10 Minutes a Day

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