Thursday, July 2, 2009

There's gonna be a floody, floody - All things Noah

We've had a fun couple of weeks here learning about all things Noah. We use Bible Study Guide for All Ages as a jumping off point.

Some cool things we learned:
  • The Fisher Price ark sinks pretty quickly if you put it in the bathtub.
  • There are a LOT of verses to that "Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory" song. And they all have hand motions. Don't forget the hand motions.
  • The colors of the rainbow make a kind of muddy brown when you paint them all on top of each other.
  • We looooove stickers. Oh yes we do.
So here are some of the things we did:

Printed out animal matching cards and laminated them with clear contact paper. Little Man almost has the hang of playing memory match. Almost.

We also printed an ark to color and we put animal stickers on, over and around it. Both were at the Jan Brett site, which is an educational wonderland in itself. For those who have children who could color for days on end, there is a very extensive mural to print out. Once assembled, it's like 3 by 6 feet. We don't have anyone with that kind of coloring stamina here.

Little Man also worked on his wooden Noah's ark puzzle and can do it completely without assistance.

We worked in The Ultimate Bible Sticker Activity Book which was a big hit. It's a DK book with over 250 stickers and also covers Joseph, Moses, Jonah and Jesus. Sorry, I can't find a picture of it.

We did some easy multiplication (twos, of course!) for Z-Man with a Youtube Schoolhouse Rock video from way back when you could actually use religious themes on Saturday morning TV.

Naturally, we had to round up all the toy animals in the house and play.

We talked about the search for the ark and the possible locations, obstacles to finding it, etc. Answers in Genesis has lots of interesting info.

We talked about God's mercy in waiting so long and giving people a chance to turn to him before the flood. We also talked about the meaning of names in the Bible and the long life expectancies.

We found some wonderful books at the Dollar Store that have all sorts of word finds, break the secret code, mazes, crosswords, activities where you have to look up verses in your Bible to complete a message, etc., that were great for Z-Man.

Next time...Rainbows!

Check this blog out for zillions of pre-school ideas:

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  1. Zenna sent me over. Love the ideas! Thanks for the trip down memory lane with the Schoolhouse Rock video! ;-)

  2. Thanks! I know - we all love Schoolhouse Rock here - "3 is a magic number" is our favorite!


  3. neat! We love the DK sticker books too! Rainbows--not that shows God's promises!

  4. Come'on u school house rock fans: you know the words: "I'm just a bill, yes I am only a bill, and I am sittin' here on Capitol Hill...."

    Now THAT will be rotting ur brains for the next hour: my mission here is done!