Sunday, July 19, 2009

Over in the meadow

I was torn this morning. We love going to our Friday nature center classes, but today's was called, "What lives in the meadow?" Well, now. I know what lives in the meadow. Cute things, sure - like birds and bunnies and even mice (which are extremely cute outside of one's house). But a loud herd of children isn't likely to see any of those cute things. No, I knew where they were going today: insects and spiders, and all manner of things that make my skin crawl. Did I mention spiders?

As it turned out, the kids had a great time and I managed to keep my distance from arachnids (even the plastic models). The specimens were zealously snatched up in large nets and deposited on a big white sheet for observation.

They played a game called "Listen" that would be great during any nature study time. All the kids held a closed fist up in the air and sat very quietly. As they heard a new sound, they put up one finger. When everyone had five fingers up, they went around the circle telling some of the sounds they had heard - cardinal, unknown bird, cicada, fly buzzing, frog - it was so simple but they were really into it.

And after the program, we finally made it into the visitor center because a sudden rain interrupted our hike/blackberry feasting. Little Man found a friend:

"Mom, was he smiling?"

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