Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Tentative World Tour Schedule

I'm calling this our tentative schedule because, in keeping with my ENFP personality type, I always feel the need to keep my options open. I hyperventilate otherwise, and no one wants that. So here is what you might expect when - IF I ever stuck to a schedule in my life, which I don't believe I have. And we're tentatively starting the second week in September, but don't count on that. I mean, suppose we ACTUALLY HAVE SUMMER WEATHER THIS YEAR? It could happen. And what if it happens in September? You wouldn't want us indoors would you? Of course not!

Week 1
Week 2 England, Scotland
Week 3 Ireland
Week 4 Netherlands
Week 5 Spain, Portugal
Week 6 France
Week 7 France
Week 8 Italy
Week 9 Italy
Week 10 Greece
Week 11 Germany
Week 12 Germany (1/2 week - Thanksgiving)
Week 13 Russia
Week 14 Christmas around the world
Week 15 Christmas around the world
Week 16 Off
Week 17 Off
Week 18 Brazil
Week 19 Brazil
Week 20 Mexico
Week 21 U.S.
Week 22 Canada
Week 23 Africa
Week 24 Kenya
Week 25 Cameroon/Zimbabwe
Week 26 Saudi Arabia
Week 27 Israel/Iraq
Week 28 India
Week 29 China
Week 30 China
Week 31 Japan
Week 32 Japan
Week 33 Pacific Islands
Week 34 Australia

1 comment:

  1. What a fun year you have planned out! And the fact you are flexible with it makes it even better! Love the personality test link! I am a INFJ, although nothing is absolute for me so it was hard to say because "it all deppends"!! Whcih is the OVERanylizing side of me. :-)

    Hope you are having a great summer!!