Sunday, August 2, 2009

First Stop: The British Isles!

After our introductory week, our first planned stop will be the British Isles: England first, then Ireland. This seems like a natural starting place for us because many of our ancestors hail from England, Ireland and Scotland. If we are very ambitious, we may even finish up the family tree we started last year when we rowed They were Strong and Good, which may be my absolute favorite FIAR book.

I initially planned on using a series called "The Enchantment of the World." There are many, many countries in the series and most of them are available in our library system. HOWEVER, after previewing the England book, I have decided NOT to use this series. It had a very negative tone and quite the agenda. Enough said.

Thankfully, I found two other series that look good. "Primary Sources of World Cultures" and "Cultures of the World."

Of the two, I prefer the Primary Sources series. The pictures are great, the tone is positive, and it's laid out and written well. The Cultures of the World series is good too but seems just a little dated. It does have pretty much every country you could possibly want to study though, whereas the first series has only 18 countries.

Also to read:
  • Madeline in London
  • Charles Dickens - Diane Stanley
  • Good Queen Bess - Diane Stanley
  • The Bandit of Ashley Downs (George Muller)
  • Children of the World: Celebrations, p. 14-15, 24-25
  • Houses and Homes, p. 6, 12
  • Hungry Planet, p. 140-143
Art/Crafts possibilities:
  • Bible Study Guide for all ages
  • Missionary Stories, John Wycliffe, John Wesley, William Booth
  • Hero Tales
  • memory verse: Mark 16:15
Wee Sing Around the World #19

I don't know if you can loll about on the Trafalgar Square lions anymore but, YIKES! THAT is some 80's hair, my friends. (on me AND the Barry Gibb lion.)

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