Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pre-School Work Boxes!

Since Little Man feels the need to do things that Z-Man is doing, he has his very own set of work boxes!

Here are some of the things he finds in them:

He loves pages from Kumon books:

  • books on tape
  • puzzles - Noah's ark, a fishing puzzle, this alphabet puzzle:

  • a paint with water book
  • games (Goodnight Moon is the current favorite)
  • books to read with Mom
  • animal matching cards from Jan Brett
  • a box of foam shapes to sort and make designs with
  • Leap Frog magnetic letters:

  • an ABC sticker book
  • this great letter activity from Carissa's blog
  • strips of construction paper and scissors to cut them into a million pieces
  • toys for water play in the sink
  • measuring devices and small trucks for play in his "flice" (a flat rubbermaid box of rice - kind of like an indoor sand box)
  • trampoline time
  • educational and Bible memory videos
  • magnetic animals
  • French words to practice (this was actually his idea and he loves it)

We'll also be doing pre-school activity bags from a wonderful swap! We have 20 bags, each with a unique activity, from matching to fishing! I think he's really going to enjoy them.

Of course, Little Man will also be participating in our around the world travels and I hope to do more Bible memory work with him. And, starting this year, we'll be doing a lot more with the alphabet - I'll keep you posted on that.

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  1. Great ideas! We will be using the workbox system for kindergarten this year.