Monday, January 11, 2010

Maximize your mornings!

"Do you feel like you work all day without getting anything significant done? Do you feel like you don’t have time for yourself - to pray, exercise and dream? Do you want to squeeze the most out of every day?

You can.

In fact, you can accomplish more in an hour than most people accomplish in an entire day."

That is the introduction to a free e-book I just read called Maximize Your Mornings. You can download it here:

So this morning I did something VERY unusual for me. I got up early. Now, on the few occasions in the past that I have managed to drag myself out of my cozy bed before my kids get up, our day has gone noticeably smoother. Noticeably. You'd think I'd do it all the time, wouldn't you?

Well, I am going to try.

And, in one of the great blessings of my life, God has given me wonderful friends to do this with me! We all emailed each other this morning to say we were up - it helps SO much to know you're not in it alone!

What I got accomplished:
  • Prayed
  • Read my devotional and Bible
  • jumped on my mini-trampoline while listening to the New Testament on CD
  • ate breakfast
  • had my coffee
  • emailed my friends to say I was up
  • re-newed my husband's prescription
  • laid out some work for the boys
And here's the best part!

This was the first paragraph I read in Our Daily Bread this morning:

"Alyssa, who is 6 and just learning to read, often saw her parents and grandparents reading their Bibles in the morning. Early one day, she woke up before everyone else. Grandma found her sitting on the couch, with her Bible and a devotional booklet on her lap. She wanted to follow the example of spending time with God at the beginning of the day."

Do you love it?!


  1. Yay Valerie! I'll be praying that you and your friends are able to truly make it a life changing habit.

  2. Thank you! We're on day 2 and seeing a difference already!