Friday, January 8, 2010

Rainforest Dioramas

Look! Shoebox dioramas of the rainforest! Well, actually two diaper box dioramas and one shoebox diorama.

(notice the humming bird suspended by a thread - what a great idea!)

Little Man's


These were so fun to make. We printed out a google image of the rainforest for the background, made some trees out of paper bags and wrapped green pipe cleaner vines around them and then printed and colored the animals from Jan Brett's wonderful book, The Umbrella.

She has an amazing web page with all the animals, vines, tree trunks, flowers, insects, etc. that you would need to print out and color to make a three foot by six foot mural. Since we don't have that kind of coloring stamina, we printed a smaller version and did the dioramas instead! You can print some at her site here:

or visit the main page for all kinds of activities and printables:

In other news, we took a little field trip to a local aquarium store and saw two piranhas from the Amazon! Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good photo of them but these rainforest parakeets were happy to pose for us:

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