Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rainforest Resources for Pre-Schoolers

I promised you a post on our rainforest resources and there are a lot of them. I'll start with the things that were more geared to Little Man.

For the pre-school crowd (in other words, Little Man), these were our favorites:

You can sing this one to the tune of "Over in the Meadow." Only if you're into that, of course. It's great for counting practice, introducing rainforest animals AND the illustrations are amazing! They're all done with polymer clay. At the end of the book, there is information about both the author and illustrator, including how some of the pictures were made. She threw clay into her food processor for some of the backgrounds. Very inspiring for the would-be crafter.

Little Man also enjoyed (actually, we all did):

You can see our dioramas using the characters here.

We also have this fun book:

which is great because it has a two-page spread for all of the biomes we're covering this year. Good for counting and animal identification too.

And the one that got away:

This is one of those beautiful books from Sleeping Bear Press. You can read my rave, I mean review, here. Unfortunately, our library system does not have a single copy of it! Boo hoo.

Of course, Little Man also sits in on a lot of our other read-alouds and table projects and I'll share more of those in another post.

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  1. Larkin is really into rainforests right now, so I'm glad to see all your ideas. I liked the plantains but the kids didn't. I saw some recipes on recipezaar that involved sugar. They probably would have liked those better.